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S_x Tips : Here is why you should not shave your punani

These days, it has become an unspoken rule for women to groom their va_gina by shaving from time to time but s_ex can actually feel better when you let it grow.

Here are 3 reasons why.

1. It can feel more sensitive:
Most women say things feel a lot more sensitive when there is no hair on your va_gina, but that is not always the truth. Sometimes the feeling of hair on there can heighten arousal. Having a man lightly touch or stroke your pubic hair during foreplay could send the right tingles straight to your happy place.

2. Because it’s taboo:
Like mentioned earlier, a shaved bush is very common among women. It is also noticeable among po_rn stars so this is fast becoming the norm. This means you feel like a rebel going with a full bush. There is a particular kind of arousal that comes with doing something ‘naughty’.

3. It tickles:
Just picture this. Your man goes down on you slowly, kissing you in all the right places. He gets to your va_gina area and blow a little air on. Can you imagine the tickly sensation you can get from that? Yup. So, drop that shaving gel and let your hair run wild. Who knows? It might be what you need to get freakier in the sheets.

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