PUS_SY PREFERENCE : 5 Types Of Punani Men Love

Just as there are pe_nis types that some women prefer, there are also vag_ina kinds that appeal to most men.All vagi_nas are not the same. There are various shapes, sizes and overall looks, although they all do their jobs just fine.

Just as there are penis types that some women prefer, there are also vagina kinds that appeal to most men.

Here are the top 5.

The skinny vag_ina:

Popular in the po_rn industry, the skinny vagi_na is bony and narrow. If you are skinny or petite, chances are this is the kind you rock. Men love it as they allow a little tighter fit, ensuring a very sensational experience. They also give men a major confidence boost as they don’t ever have to worry about whether or not they are big enough.

The fatty-lipped:

This is usually common among curvier women. It is very soft and is a favourite among the male population. They appear very kissable and easier to find for pen_etration.

The tight va_gina

You are sure to please your partner if you have a tight vir_ginal vag_ina. The walls of your vag_ina may be so tight that they may just be closing in. The snug fit makes for great stimulation and se_x. The close fit makes men think that your va_gina was made specifically for them.