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Seven pr_ostitutes die after sleeping with same Zimbabwean Moreki

A bizarre incident has had pro_stitutes in the Free State town of Bethlehem living in fear after 7 of their workmates died within the same week from similar symptoms. All seven of the dead women are said to have complained of an itch in their punani followed by a severe headache then death within 2 hours.

A pro_stitute who refused to be named said the deaths all occurred between 23 and 29 December 2016 after one very rich man visited the area and would hire the services of different pro_stitutes during his 4 day stay.

“This Zimbabwean man with a Zimbabwean registered flashy car came and was booked at a local hotel. His dressing was very expensive and he said he had money form diamond sales so he wanted to have a good time”, said the source.

It is also alleged the man would hire different pro_stitutes and pay them three times more than what they would usually charge. However, after he left, all the girls he had slept with started getting sick and dying from the same illness and symptoms.

Another source said :

“We suspect he used muthi on our friends for his business. I also wanted to sleep with him because he was paying big money and in US Dollars but my son was sick on that day so I did not go to work. Guess my ancestors are protecting me”, she said.

A police officer at the Bethlehem Police Station said no case was opened.

All the ladies will be buried this weekend.

Source : LiveMonitor