Things men want and how to give it to them

Men aren’t complicated human beings, almost the most straight forward creatures there is which translate to it being very easy to please and make things happen for them. Here are a few pointers to what men want and how you can make it happen for them…..

1. Talk like a man

This isn’t a thinly veiled attempt at insulting how women talk, but the thing is women tend to talk more into details, like a complete story while men sort of deal better with high lights.

2. We love it D0_ggy style

We cannot over exaggerate this, giving it to us doggy style puts us in control, and who likes to be in control more than a man.

3. Ask him what he likes

The whole premise of this article is that men are easy to deal with. If that is so, then the best way to know what he wants in bed is to ask him, isn’t it? Just be upfront about it, and not in a confrontational tone too.

4. Grab his a_ss

Think of this as a payback for grabbing your a_ss, and it also has the probability of turning him on in the process.

5. He wants the foreplay longer

Not all men want a quick and rushed fo_replay, some of us want it extended than the quick roundup because we’re hor_ny.

6. Can we keep the lights on?

We would love to have the lights on as soon as you get comfortable with us around because we would love to see your facial expression when you’re getting the D.

7. Watch po_rn together

I’m shocked that you’re not doing this together, in case you’re doing this with your boo! You’re wonderful people.

8. Seduce him subtly

How do you seduce someone subtly? Do it with class

9. Say what you want

You’ve perhaps heard this lots of times but I will repeat it again. Men are not mind readers, you have to say what you want?

10. The biggest thing you can do

How you react to his touches and how comfortable you are with him is the best gift you can give him during your time in bed together.

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