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LATEST on woman who died in botched miracle

Pastor Chris has given his official statement over the woman who died during his church service after he had ushers place a large speaker on her chest.He has denied all responsibility and blamed the victim saying that she did not have enough faith in God.He also went on on to say such things are a regular feature in his church and on the day in question,the woman did not exercise enough faith hence leading to her death.

“I have done this miracle many times and can show you 5 members of my church who are alive and well because they fully trusted in God,” he said.

According to the police investigation, Pastor Chris had organized a night of worship in his church, where he told people that he could do anything with faith.At some point, he invited a woman onto the stage and told her to lie down. He then ordered members to place a large speaker on her chest, saying that the weight would not hurt her.

He then climbed on top of the speaker, adding pressure to the woman’s chest. The woman was silent as she had already fainted.

The clergyman alighted from the speaker after about 5 minutes, and then the ushers removed it from the poor girl who had since passed out. When they revived her, she started complaining of sharp pains in her chest,. She was taken to hospital, where she succumbed to her injuries.